BeeHouse 100% Pure Premium Unfiltered Organic Raw Honey


Flavour: Aromatic, rich velvety flavours of molasses, notes of vanilla, walnuts and dates, dark chocolate.

Antibacterial raw mountain oak honey from 900 meters plus. Very thick honey that sits solidly on the tongue, taking a moment to melt away.

BeeHouse Raw Greek Mountain Oak honey has a deliciously rich and mineral treacle flavor with hints of cooked apples and plums. The aftertaste lingers only briefly with a slight sourness. The aroma is similarly fruity, reminding us of cold spiced fruit sauces. The flavor and aroma make us think this could go very well with a fruitcake or Christmas pudding.

Color: It’s very dark, nearly black, with a slight hint of purple

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This is a dark thick runny honey – it is known as a honeydew, because it is from the sap and resin of the tree not from flower nectar. Honeydews are high in oligosaccharides, which are known for their prebiotic qualities- aiding digestion.

Most of us know that honey can be used to fight colds and moisturize our skin, but we may not know that scientists call it a superfood because of the many other properties you do not know about. The combination with food is delicious and healthy, but if you eat only one tablespoon before bed and let the body absorb all its benefits at night, you will be surprised at the wonders that you will begin to see in your body.

This Mountain Oak comes from a forest that grows on a mountain round a lake(smokovo) close to a place called Rentina.

Greek honey is one of the most nutritional, natural foods, filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Honey contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal substances and has also been used for centuries as a treatment for sore throats and coughs, minor burns, cuts and other bacterial infections.

The honey from Greece is considered to be some of the finest on a global scale due to the unlimited summer sun, the biodiversity of the Greek countryside plus the rich variety of Greek flora, which includes over 850 species found nowhere else in the world. Scientists and botanists consider Greece a country with the richest flora in the Mediterranean basin, (more than 7,500 different species of herbs, plants, wild flowers and trees).

Greek honeys are richer in aromatic substances, compared to other honeys produced in other countries; they have less humidity, which means they are denser and richer.

Combine all these facts together and you can start to understand why Greek honey has a top position in the world market.