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About Bee House Raw Greek Mountain Oak Honey

Bee House Raw Greek Mountain Oak Honey offers antibacterial raw mountain oak honey with a deliciously rich and mineral treacle flavor with hints of cooked apples and plums. The brand comes from a family-led business that’s been running for generations. Thomas Gkotza is the company’s fifth-generation beekeeper who ensures the company’s production of quality mountain oak honey, together with his cousins Bee House CEO Spiro Papadopoulos, Spiro’s brother Tony, and brothers Antonhs and Aggelos Kavalaris. Spiro and Tony have witnessed how the brand’s quality continues to improve over the years and eventually become one of the best honey products in Greece. They also saw how Thomas grew the family business, eventually winning the London award for the best honey in 2021. Together, they created the Bee House brand to bring rich, raw Greek honey to North America.