Americans can now get a taste of the mineral treacle flavor of raw Greek mountain oak honey and enjoy its health and culinary benefits.

Shoppers today are disappointed to learn that some of the honey in the grocery stores and supermarkets are just regular syrup disguising as real honey. Some are real honey but have ingredients like sugar or sweeteners like corn syrup mixed in. To put things in order, the US Food and Drug Authority defined honey as “a thick, sweet, syrupy substance that bees make as food from the nectar of flowers and store in honeycombs.” Meanwhile, honey mixed in with sweeteners must be labeled as “honey blend.” They are required to put in a detailed list of ingredients on their labels.

For folks who are looking for the real deal, they are in luck. Bee House, a century-old honey producer in Greece, is bringing its raw Greek mountain oak honey to North America. Bee House’s raw Greek mountain oak honey is grown by Thomas Gkotza, a fifth-generation beekeeper whose family-produced honey has been improved by generation after generation of passionate honey makers. So much so, that they won the London award for the Best Honey in 2021. Today, they produce one of the best honey products in Greece.

Bee House’s 100 percent pure, unfiltered raw honey has been grown for generations in the forests around Lake Smokovo in Greece. The bees grown in the area produce honeydew honey derived from the sap and resin of trees. This gives it its signature dark color, and thick consistency. It has a delicious rich mineral treacle flavor with notes of cooked apples and plums and a similarly fruity aroma like spiced fruit sauces. This will add layers of flavor to traditional dishes.

ure honey, especially raw honey like Bee House’s 100 percent organic raw honey, offers many health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants that could help the body fight against inflammation and cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are linked to the development of a host of diseases including cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and more. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which may help kill bad bacteria and fungus and fight against infections. Raw honey could also help alleviate cough and soothe a sore throat. It could also help treat digestive issues including diarrhea and stomach ulcers. Bee House’s raw, unfiltered honey contains oligosaccharides, a natural and powerful prebiotic, which supplies the intestines with good bacteria that could help improve overall gut health.

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About Bee House Raw Greek Mountain Oak Honey

Bee House Raw Greek Mountain Oak Honey offers antibacterial raw mountain oak honey with a deliciously rich and mineral treacle flavor with hints of cooked apples and plums. The brand comes from a family-led business that’s been running for generations. Thomas Gkotza is the company’s fifth-generation beekeeper who ensures the company’s production of quality mountain oak honey, together with his cousins Bee House CEO Spiro Papadopoulos, Spiro’s brother Tony, and brothers Antonhs and Aggelos Kavalaris. Spiro and Tony have witnessed how the brand’s quality continues to improve over the years and eventually become one of the best honey products in Greece. They also saw how Thomas grew the family business, eventually winning the London award for the best honey in 2021. Together, they created the Bee House brand to bring rich, raw Greek honey to North America.